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A Trip to Nepal
In 1998 I trekked from Lukla, a small village and gateway to the Mount Everest region, to Everest Base Camp. It was a life changing experience from which I never really returned. Part of me is still there, and always will be. With landscape beautiful beyond words, the local people were warm and wonderful. Most have very little in terms of wealth or worldly possessions, but would give you the shirt off their back if you needed it. A stark contrast to our more "developed" city life.

Road Trip - Highway 395
Along the eastern edge of the Sierra Nevada mountain range, one of my favorite places to go, I decided to finally take the time to visit some of the areas and side roads I'd often passed on my way to backpack or ski, and always promised myself I'd someday get off the highway to investigate. In October 2010 that day finally came and I'm glad it did. This is such a dramatic and picturesque road to travel, with much to discover if you just take your time.

A handful of shots of some people I know... and some I don't.



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